Dermastabilon for mesotherapy

Dermastabilon for mesotherapy. One of the most pressing problems in modern cosmetics is to remove the fat on the limited areas of the body. They used to be removed only by liposuction, which is a serious surgical operation, has its contraindications and complications. Today, remove excess fat in the same sort of place you can with mesotherapy – the local administration of drugs in very small doses. For mesotherapy are different biologically active substances, hyaluronic acid, the fibroblasts – skin cells that produce collagen and so on.

Dermastabilon – a special cocktail for mesotherapy, designed for non-surgical liposuction. Feature of dermastabilon is that when it is introduced into the area of ??the skin begins the inflammatory process that stimulates the decay of adipose tissue and the formation of collagen fibers. The inflammatory process may last from several hours to several days.

The indication for the introduction of dermastabilon are local accumulations of fat in general, normal weight: the chin (double chin) – most often it is an individual feature of the structure of the neck and chin; in the front and side of the neck (the singularity structure of the neck); in the back of the neck and upper chest – such fat deposits appear more frequently in women during menopause; with the appearance of cellulite in limited areas of skin; with too round and bulky knee; in mounds on the skin resulting surgery to remove fat – liposuction.

Contraindication for mesotherapy with dermastabilon are: pregnancy and breast-feeding a child; childhood and adolescence (18 years); idiosyncrasy drug components; the inflammatory process in the gall bladder and biliary tract caused by the presence there of stones; systemic connective tissue diseases (scleroderma, lupus, and others); severe liver disease and kidney failure; chronic infections (tuberculosis).

In order to obtain a stable effect requires the holding of two to ten procedures – it all depends on the individual characteristics of the structure of tissues of the individual. Significant improvement usually occurs after five treatments. Between treatments mesotherapy and after treatment is required supportive treatment. To do this, use a variety of cosmetic products that provide skin lifting. Introduction dermastabilon can be a good alternative to surgical liposuction.


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